Teach Your Teen To Handle Conflict with this 1 Communication Method


Does your teen need help in communicating with others - especially when a potential conflict is involved? 

Of course.   In fact, most of us can say the same thing.  

Then today's episode will be just for you.  When you finish, you will have an easy technique to show your teen about how to handle potential communication challenges.  It's usable, workable, and can be put into action quickly.

I know that all of us are working through how to handle quarantine.  This morning I walked to the park near me.  As I was leaving I heard a lady shouting.  She was standing by her car along with her dog.  What was she yelling at?  It wasn't a "what", it was a "who".  A second car drove up, parked a safe distance away, and 3 cute little kid's heads shot up thru the sun roof.  Turns out, the lady with the dog was shouting excited greetings to her daughter and 3 grandkids. It was so sweet.  I waived to the grandmother and...

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A Fresh Approach to Resumes


Our kids have accomplished so much.  It's time to showcase those amazing feats..  But how?
Resumes have changed.  Big time.
From part time jobs, college admissions, scholarships, and internships, a "stand out" resume is needed. 
In fact, standing out now is even more important than ever.
In this podcast episode, I cover:
  • new and unique ways to digitally enhance resumes
  • 3 basics all teen resumes need
  • tools available
  • resume link examples (see below)

Hidden benefits of resumes using digital techniques?

Where to begin?  Digital resumes are easy to tailor and modify to each recipient.  A more traditional version can be extrapolated as needed.  Our young adults often have technical skills needed to make an impressive resume.  And, don't forget this . . . you probably already have video clips and photos perfect for this new resume revolution.  


If I could shout this one benefit from the rooftops, it...

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Your Teen Can Join the Resume Revolution

Zoom and Google Hangouts. Telephones on our wrists. AirBnb.  Taxi vs. Uber vs. Lyft.   Movies played on nearly everything you own.  Turn your house off and on miles from home,

and. . .

A Resume Revolution.  

With today's current challenges, everything seems upside down.  But one thing that each teen can do is prepare their resume - in the new digital age.

We grew up with paper resumes.   Those word-heavy depressing things.  Are they as effective these days?  Not so much.   Paper resumes still have their place, but to stand out?  Go virtual.  You knew this addition/change was coming. 

With today's current challenges, everything seems upside down.  But one thing that each teen can do is prepare their resume - in the new digital age.

How can our teens take advantage of “Virtual Resumes”?

First, let’s define what these are.  They use all the capabilities of the online world...

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Graduation Cancelled? No Worries, Make it Even Better

What if I told you that you could make your child the star of their own graduation, include all family members, friends, and yes, even school teachers/profs - and do it for little or no money?  Yes, you can make the most of this milestone, despite all the obstacles we face.  (note:  missing prom . . . then skip to bottom for a link to help)
[Cue the music] 
“Pomp and Circumstance” wafts through the room.  Your family is there.  Tears. Relief. The Future.  Your baby (or family member) is graduating.  
Can that moment still happen for your sweet graduate?  Actually, the answer of “yes” is closer to the truth than you think.

If your school has to cancel or postpone this major milestone (understandable, by the way), there are steps you can take to make that moment, that day, that achievement something to remember – just from a different perspective.  In fact, your child needs to...

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Prom Cancelled? Don't give Up. Just Re-Imagine It!


Is your school having to cancel prom?  It's totally understandable but it doesn't stop the disappointment our teens experience.   Well, in these times, there IS a way to create that magic for our kids.  I know time will tell, but there is a chance that they will be able to look back and be the unique kids of the year 2020, the teens that rose to the occasion, and started new trends and celebrated differently – but still celebrated. 

We, as parents, can help.  Let’s roll up our sleeves and think differently.  Here are some great ideas on making your child’s prom memorable – albeit a bit differently. 

I’m Pam Hardison with JellyGeneration, where our mission is to help parents navigate the last “at home” season with their kids before they hit the road. 

Make it PROM-TASTIC – Go Virtual

As we begin, please remember that proms around the country are generally school-sponsored affairs so you...

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That Career Pays HOW MUCH?


Your teen is getting close to graduation (even if just a freshman)!
They have NO idea what a particular career requires.
You don't want them to waste ONE MINUTE in bad choices heading in the WRONG direction.


Did you know that having career clues while in High School helps make better choices?  Yes, EVEN while in High School.

What's A Parent To Do?

With your teen's limited time, and with your time next to non-existent, there ARE power moves you (read YOUR TEEN) can make to get this ball rolling in the right direction.

The above episode (video) covers it quickly and is full of concrete moves that can be made tonight.


  • Why do they need this information now?
  • What if your teen "has no idea" about a career direction
  • Learn the 5 questions your teen needs to ask (and answer) about potential careers and where to gather this information

Next week?

Learn how to put this information into action on behalf of your teen.  HINT:  There's a learning multiplier for your teen...

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The Parent Envy Trap


Welcome to JellyGeneration's Parent-52 Series

You don't intend to.  But you compare your teen to others. It causes you to worry "why isn't my teen like so-and-so" OR "can my teen do what their teen does?" 

As parents we WANT to STOP the comparison game.  But how?

This is a special Parent-52 Episode.  It's JUST FOR PARENTS.

In the above episode(video), you will learn:

  • How we end up on the "envy rat race", an endless cycle
  • Why your teen is just as amazing as the teen down the street
  • Learn 3 strategies to retrain your brain to reduce comparisons and envy
  • BONUS:  these very techniques can be taught to your teen as well.  They need this even more than we do.  

Experience Joy

The above techniques can help you experience parental joy.  You can push those negative thoughts out and replace them with better ones.   The "envy trap" gifts us the gift of angst.  Let's replace that with joy!

If you have a teen and want teaching...

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Parent 52! Teen Accomplishments Tool Box


Welcome to Parent 52, your parent guide to surviving all those crazy, unexpected scenarios with your teen in their last season at home with you!

Today's topic is a big one: 

Yes, your teen needs to brag!

  • Do they know WHAT to brag about?
  • Do they know WHEN to brag?
  • Do they know those hidden accomplishments that build self-confidence?
  • Do they have documentation to back all this up?
  • Do they have it all organized?

If the answer is "no" to any of the above, then you will want to watch/listen to this episode.


We've included a free download of our "Teen Tool Box Checklist" to save your teen (and YOU) hours and hours of worrying and searching for the amazing things your teen has done.  (see the show notes below for the link)

What's not documented is likely forgotten and never recognized!

Parents, this episode will save countless hours of frustration.  We give you 3 guidelines guaranteed to help your teen recognize their worth.  The best part of...

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Your Teen's Bragging Rights


Hi Parents:  Welcome to the Parent-52 Series.  Each week learn a power parent move to improve the learning and launching of your mini-you:  your teen!

Today's Episode?  Bragging Rights

Yes, we all know at some point our teens need to "brag".  But what to they brag and do they realize what their accomplishments are?  

That's where you, as an encouraging parent, come in.   Today you begin your journey into identifying bragging needs and start a system to making it easy.  Hint:  there is so much more reward to gathering accomplishments than the obvious!  Enjoy the episode.  It's short but powerful.

Questions?  Always feel free to reach us at [email protected]

Parent 52 and a Bonus

Do you want to receive this weekly dose of parent power?  If you do, just click the link below so we know where to send it.  We will also send you a bonus of our "8-Step Parent Guide" which covers 8 amazing and "must" items...

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Close Encounters of the Debit Kind


Hi Parents:

Welcome to this episode of Parent-52, a weekly parent power move designed to help you help your teen burst into the adult world as prepared as they can be!  

Today's topic:  Money Management

  • What 3 things MUST they know
  • What you must ask your teen to do if using a debit card
  • What's a "purchase pickle" they mind find themselves in?
  • When should they USE and NOT use their card?

Bonus Parent Point:

  • Learn how by doing this one thing you can capture your teen's attention on the topic of money management.  

Show Links Mentioned:

  • Want to get the Parent-52 Episodes easily AND a BONUS of our 8-Step Parent Planning Guide? (FREE 8 steps with links/tips/info on crucial topics your teen needs to know).    It's 12 pages chock full of super information. 
    AND, of course, get each episode of Parent-52
    We will email you, each week, your power move for the week (as you can see, they are short and to the point.)
    Here's the link...
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