2019 vs Now


#116  Clearly so many changes have happened since 2019-2020.  How might they affect your people skills?  Here are 3 ways to jump start them.  

"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change."  Albert Einstein

In the last few years, there is no doubt we've all had to do some changing.  Some circumstances were obvious, but some changes . . . have been hidden in plain sight.

We learned to varying degrees how to talk to others thru a computer screen or a phone, with software that put us in little boxes.  Gone were hugs, handshakes, and meaningful in-person conversations.  Would any of this come back?  At times we all probably wondered if it would.  

So here we are today and having to learn how to converse in this seemingly hybrid world.  Skills we had "before" need polishing up or quite possibly re-imagined into this new world we find ourselves in.  We need to move the...

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This 1 word switch matters


#115  Do you ever want to convey a negative concept to someone?  There is a one-word verbal switch you can make to avoid escalating bad feelings. 

Conversations can be tricky.

Conversations can be rewarding either for friendships, business, or just to expand your knowledge through others.

But occasionally frustrations arise.  You might be tempted to say something you'll regret.  Just turn on the tv/computer and from a reality shows to political shows you'll see a plethora of examples of conversations elevating into what you and I would call "a bridge too far".

Most of us want to avoid words that escalate bad feelings.   We just don't know how.  If you watch those tv shows a bit more closely, you'll see their mistakes.  

But there is 1-word you can add to your sentence that can change it's direction and still say something you feel needs to get said.



  In this...

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How To Have an Impact


#114  "Now, who was it I met yesterday?"  If you can't remember, odds are high that you didn't do this one basic move. 

Who doesn't want to remember those we meet.  

Funny thing is, we often forget that if you don't remember them, they probably don't remember you either.  

Every person you meet has the opportunity of touching your life in one way or another.  And vice-versa.  It puts the phrase "FOMO" or "fear of missing out" in an entirely new light.

There are so many important principles at play when you meet someone.  But today, we are covering two very important aspects that can level up your people contacts.  

First: What are your priorities when meeting someone?

We have to WANT and care enough to meet and remember someone.  What you don't value, generally doesn't get done.  Making the other person a priority in those encounters will go such a long way in ensuring a...

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Phone a Friend

 Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER.  


#108  Nothing charts your growth in connecting with others (friends/networking, etc.) than knowing the signals you send to others and adjusting as needed.

Just as surely as you watch your favorite actor communicate on TV through words and gestures, we've learned to observe others in daily life.   We draw conclusions.  Of all types.  

You and I also do the same thing every day.  We communicate.  We interact.  We connect.   But how well?

We count on these interactions for friendships, business relationships, and just making it thru a day.   

What message do you send others, perhaps not even knowing it? 

Today's podcast covers 3 profound yet simple ways to discover: 

  • what not to rely on as you connect with others
  • a 1-hr game-changer assignment to reveal how to be authentic
  • what...
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Good News About Your Teen+

 Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER.  

#107  Since your teen's brain is still connecting, how can you help them wire it up even stronger?  Here are 7 Ideas

(without being a helicopter parent)

emotional decisions vs logical?

memory challenges?

multi-tasking not there yet?

While we look at the above list and cringe, it might describe that young adult in your house fairly accurately. 

Once you know the "why" that many scientists are explaining to us about this age (generally teen-25+) it changes how we look and how we can relate to our almost grown child.  The opportunity to help strengthen skills they need while they finish "wiring up" is big.  

How to Use This Knowledge

With knowledge comes power, of course.  Research suggests that this age still learns at a much faster rate than we adults. Add in the fact that they can still improve skills they haven't really...

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The Battle of the Brains

 Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER.  

 #106  You've asked yourself this question at least 1000 times.  "Where did my sweet child go?" OR   "I don't recognize them right now." 

Hear why and it will explain so much.  Good News Ahead.

"What you see is NOT what you get". 

Every parent of a young adult intuitively knows things are different now.  With their child's "one foot out the door" mentality, and their emotions and logic struggling, we parents deserve an explanation as to why we don't always recognize that seemingly fully grown person standing right in front of us.  

Once we parents understand even just a bit about that "why", situations, opportunities and understanding become easier.  We can reclaim some of our parent-sanity.  

The Battle of the Teen Brain vs. The Parent Brain

The hidden lesson here?  Your brain and...

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The Power Hour Plan

 Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER. 

 #104  Not enough time but lots of lessons left to teach your teen?  Let's rock your last season with them.  Here's a roadmap that's sure to give you teaching time AND memorable moments.  It's Your Parent Power Hour!

If you are following my podcast you already know how much I believe in snatching moments here and there to teach teenagers valuable knowledge.  Why?  The more they know now, the less mistakes they'll make.  They'll be better equipped to handle things when something just doesn't work.  Feel free to file back to any podcast I've recorded and you will always have a concrete take-away to use that very day.  

Today is no different.  I am introducing you to a concept or a plan shall we say, that teaches you a system to methodically up your parent-game on giving your teen those last lessons that you...

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Few realize these common "connecting" mistakes

  Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER. 

#99 There is a reason why networking is critical in your personal life. 

"Being likeable and interesting is not necessary" said nearly no one anywhere.  It is not only a crucial skill, but the rewards are many.  From investing in the lives of others you meet, to helping in your business or professional life as well, it's a skill that needs practice.   

With all the amazing benefits of being accomplished at personal networking, many  assume "i will pick this skill up as I go along".   The big heartbreaker in leaving it to "I'll pick it up as I go along" is a big life question.  What amazing relationships, connections, and even life friendships have been left unrealized?  It just doesn't have to be this way.  

Even more importantly, your child can and should learn how to be likeable and...

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Looking 5-Minutes Forward To The Future


 Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER.  


#98:  Yes, you can encourage your teen to get a "jumpstart" on their future right now, while it is easier than learning as an adult.   

Go back to your teen years.  
Compare those typical teenage+ years to what you know now.  

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does what you "do" every day now (career, time) in anyway "fit" with what you thought, experienced, or spent time doing when you a mere teen? 
  • Did you ever think about your future?  Prepare for your future?

Odds are you didn't concentrate on the "after" of traditional high school or perhaps even during college if that's the educational route you took.  

But what if I told you that spending 5 minutes with your teen could help them focus in with intention on what they might want to do with their future? 


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Tips (and whys) that Lead to Successful Introductions

  Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER.  

#97:  Everything good can start with an introduction.  Sadly, every missed connection can start with a sub-par introduction, too.  Let's help our kids learn this baseline skill.  

Forbes magazine got it right.  They recently discussed the importance of introductions.  The phrase they used?   Introductions are “immensely important”.  Absolutely.  

Now sprinkle in these 2 timely teen observations: 

  • Late teens just beyond in age typically have spent most of their time around the same people: family and the same set of friends they’ve had for 3+ years.  They have not needed to introduce themselves very often.  Now let’s up our observation game here
  • Our “almost grown kids” for the better part of 2 years or more, have been hibernating behind a...
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