When Should Your Teen Start Their "Future?

 Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER.  
 Help Them Start Their Future - Today 

If you were to ask me what one of the top 10 "need to knows" as a parent would be, today's podcast would answer that question.

Help your teen to connect to their future....post-home life one step at a time.  Often, without this progression, many kids struggle at first with the huge leap from your house to . . . the "real-world" so to speak.  

In reality, this transition from your teen's "small bubble" to their "world-sized balloon" is best nurtured by a caring parent.

That's why this episode is so important.  Today you'll learn:

  • what most teens think of life after traditional school and why that's a myth you need to bust
  • how to help them connect thru this first basic small step

Here's a glance at this episode:

  • [1:02] what simple thing you'll need to get started
  • [1:18] what the typical teen...
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4 Part Framework to Developing The Success Life Skill

 Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER.  
 Is "life success" found in a classroom?


Your teen needs an education OUTSIDE of the classroom. 
It should never stop.  

Can you find the mistake?

You are so excited.  You finally visit this HUGE museum.  It's several floors and each is olympic-sized.  The museum covers thousands of years of history.  You are overwhelmed with seeing beautiful paintings, artifacts, manuscripts, jewels, and ancient money.  Wow.  You and your best buddy and walk thru the whole museum.  It takes hours and your head is spinning with all you saw.  (you wish you'd worn more comfortable shoes). 

Two weeks later, you ask yourself . . . . "what did I see there?"  [cue the cricket sounds]. 

Note:  the answer to "can I find the mistake"  is found in the podcast.  

What went wrong? ...

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Contests: How You Teen CAN Stand Out

 Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER.  

 Your Teen Needs to Know How to Stand OUT on Paper - NOT Just Face-to-Face!

Does your teen know how to stand out on paper or digitally - and NOT just for an interview? 

Without a method, standing out can be challenging.   Often success lives and dies in that few starting seconds on paper.  

Thankfully, there is a method to standing out that offers so much more than you'd ever thought possible and it's everywhere - or so it seems.  You just need to know where to look for contests.  That's why today's podcast is so important.  

In this podcast we will talk about:

  • the multiple ways to enter and use contests
  • why it doesn't matter whether they win or lose 
  • what to look for in contests
  • what to look for in contests and hope not to find
  • 2 contests that illustrate all the above

Every parent of a teen and teens...

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Intriguing Way to Get Your Sweet Teen's Attention!

 Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER.  

 Yes, you CAN get their attention.  And you can sneak in a teaching point, too!

I'll bet you asked yourself this question  . . . like 5 minutes ago.  How can I get my teen's attention? I've got wisdom to share and they are "checked-out".

So what's my secret to getting a teen's attention?  First, you need to know that stats say we all have about 15 seconds to get and hold the attention of those we talk to.  That's why today's episode is so important. 

How can you grab your teen's attention in that short time span? 

  • Not only do I have an intriguing method, but I've attached a "formula" to it. 
  • This method works the world over, but in this podcast you'll find I've "teenaged" it to work especially for you.
  • It's easy, and you can use this method just as soon as the next 5 minutes if you'd like.

So if you need a bit of...

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Teen couch potato at your house? 5 Ideas to Ignite Their Future

 Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER.  

 5-Point Checklist to Get Them Excited/Prepared  For Their Future

Is your sofa a bit too crowded?  Or that smart phone glued to their hand?
It happens all across the fruited plain. 
Does it need to be this way?  No. Here are 5 ideas that will get your teen to see past their current world - and into their sooner than they think will arrive world.  This list will ignite excitement and educate them on what the adult-world can and will look like when they get there.  
Too often our kids just can't see beyond that next test, that next typical obligation that they've had for several years now.  They know that upcoming "out the door" date is looming closer and that can be an overwhelmed feeling.  Many just want to pull the cover over their eyes - because they haven't had a chance to "see" their future...
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Use My Cryptocurrency Journey for your Teen

 Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER.  

 Teaching & Learning For Kids Often Hides in Plain Site- You CAN Create Those Moments and Have FUN at the same time!

Cryptocurrency Journey?  Yes!   As parents, we all want to be able to connect with them on a deeper level.  One easy way to do this?  Jump into an activity they are hearing about and share the learning experience with them.

I recently found myself in a group of 20 somethings and snatched up my opportunity to connect, create an ongoing conversation, learn a bit, and have FUN all at the same time.

Today's podcast is all about my crypto journey.  What you'll hear/learn:
  • an easy definition of what most cryptocurrency is all about
  • an 30,000 foot overview of how it works
  • which one I invested in
  • how you can use it to teach your teen 
  • my personal parent point at the end
  • plus, you might laugh a bit, too
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The BIG Day will get here sooner than you think. Ready?

 Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER.  

Save $ - Start Now - Moving Day Has Hidden Expenses 

As your child barrels toward leaving your nest, expenses lurk that you've not considered - until now. 

No where do expenses escalate faster it seems, than when they move to their new location. 

Whether it's to a new job, a new college, or simply switching from a dorm to an apartment - there's big money to be spent - or SAVED.

In this podcast, you'll find 10 great ideas on how to:

  • start saving now, whether they are a 9th or 10th grader - or leaving home next week
  • negotiate when buying big ticket items
  • find things for free or for less money
  • learn little known spots to look for needed items

These 10 ideas are gathered from parents previously in your shoes wanting to pass on their mistakes so that you won't make them.  In this most practical of podcasts, you'll be glad you tuned in.

As I...

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Can this 10 Point Strategy to Beginning ACT-SAT Prep work at your house?

 Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER.  

10 Points to a ACT-SAT Beginning Prep Strategy  

It's finally arrived.  You have child around the 8th-9th-10th grade and you've only heard about the ACT-SAT.  Then you just might be interested in this 10-point strategy to getting started.  

If you've just now begun to hear about the ACT-SAT, you'll know that it is seriously in transition. 

You might even be thinking: "it sounds like it might be going away, so we aren't going to worry about it at our house."

Before you 100% commit to the "forget it" strategy, you will want to learn a few details mentioned in this podcast.  

If you are of a "Scarlett O'Hara" mindset:  "I'll think about that tomorrow", many make that same mistake. 

Before you 100% commit to "waiting to think about it," you will want to learn a few details mentioned in this...
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The First Step in Networking for Your Teen

 Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER.  
Networking Know-How for Your Teen  

The Wall Street Journal recently came out with an article that did not surprise me in the least.  It's main point:  networking is making a comeback for the current graduating class.

But sadly, this is a skill rarely - if ever - taught to our nearly grown kids.  In fact, today's kids look at the word "networking" in an entirely different manner than a generation ago. 

So how can you go about introducing this skill to your teen or young adult and get them up and running on this skill?  I teach you a very solid first step your teen can begin making today, tonight and tomorrow on this very crucial need.

Just click on the short, smart and concise podcast above for this hugely important topic guidance.

The kids that master this whole concept sooner rather than later will benefit in their...

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Your Teen Can Begin their Life Resume Now

 Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER.  
Your Teen Can Build Their Life Resume - Starting Now  

Do you want your almost-grown and busy child to see the potential of their future now?  

You keep telling them their academic work and common sense guidelines you set out as their parent really do matter to their future.  It's just so hard for them to see. 

In fact, you and I probably said at least 1000 times when we were their age - "why do I have to learn this because it will never matter." 

But in reality, more of what we learned then and more of what your child is learning right now does matter. 

The magic trick?  How can you get them to see this?  Tie their current world to an "outside" world in a step-by-step controlled manner.  

This short, targeted podcast will give you not only a way to get them "life experience", but just...

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