Your "Nearly Grown" Child Find their "Edge"

An edge.  Everyone needs one - including your "nearly grown" child. 

Why?  In today's computer tech world, adults your child needs to influence and impress have seen just about everything.   Information all becomes a "blurr".

That "blurr" is white noise and is easily tuned out.

But the good news?  There are ways to identify and create unique ways to stand out.  This huge need begins in high school and travels with them right through college or that first job . . . and truth be told . . . beyond.  

Where will they need to stand out?

Resumes, interviews, peer groups, organizations, and even within their classes at school.  

This podcast (top of this article) you will learn:

  • the 3 questions method to help your child develop those "look at what I did" gems
  • their "unique standout" beginning just might be hiding right under their nose
  • how their "stand out gem" can naturally flow from an interest they already have

You can help your...

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5 Hacks to Help Teen Online Safety

Why didn't I get into this organization?
Why do they think that of me?
Who are they?
People everywhere - especially our teens-young adults - ask this, daily.  

Their Answer:  check online.  (see the podcast above for details)

Our life is an open book and anyone it seems can read it.  There are, of course, so many good things that come of online and social media.  But more time than we'd like to admit - it can trip us up.

Online Safety Has Many Concerns to watch for:

  • safety from "the bad guys"
  • safety from hurting others and from being hurt
  • safety from achieving our life's goals
  • and more

So what's a parent to do for our kids?

This topic is a forever changing topic.  But YES, there are safety moves we can take ourselves and we can help our teens with, too.  What a great lifetime habit to get them started on.  

In this podcast (above) you will learn 5 techniques to get you started on your safety journey.  Learn:

  1. the "All Rights...
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5 Wacky Questions To Ask Your "Nearly Flown" Child

Do you struggle getting your "nearly flown" child's attention to impart wisdom?  Then today's podcast is just what the Dr. ordered.  

Times With Our Almost-Grown Kids Are Changing

Why?  We know we must reach them in this last season but some of the methods we have relied on in our kids younger years are just not as effective now.   

They have grown up, or nearly so.  We need to adapt.  

Get Creative

Communicating with our teens/young adults/college-aged must change.  We parents have to be more creative and practice new ways to start discussions.  

Our "almost grown" kids want to be seen as an adult.  Today's 5 wacky questions do a great job bridging the gap between the past and the future.  

Try New Strategies

In fact, you can use this wacky question strategy on so many topics.  It's a quick listen today, but well worth your time.

In today's parent podcast: (Parenting Your "Nearly Grown" JUST. GOT....

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Find out Why-How-Who Positively Influences Your Child - Parent Gold!


"I'll be back later" 

Parents with "nearly grown" kids typically ALL hear those phrases.  

Why?  From their need to be independent, to our parent eyes still seeing them as our "baby", our kids are growing and changing right in front of our eyes.  And UGH, our parent influence reduces as they grow closer to flying off.

But ... we parents still have so much left to teach them, right?  

Then, let's learn how our kids learn.  It's a great way to reach them when we learn how they are being reached in their "outside" life.

This podcast episode walks you thru a method to develop a deeper understanding of the type of adult your "sweet baby" is becoming - and how you can still work in those valuable lessons you have left to cover with them.

In this episode you will learn:

  • [0.24] what to expect from this episode      
  • [3:11] your stealth parenting move - 3 steps
  • [4:40] the 4 things you will learn from...
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#2 BIGGEST $ Lesson Your "Nearly Grown" Child Must Learn

Why is it that the BIGGEST over-arching HUGE life lessons are often the HARDEST to teach our "almost grown" teens and young adults??

"Those" types of lessons seem overwhelming to parents.   But they don't have to be.

We know that DEBT is horrible.  But our kids need to learn FASTER than we did because more enticement comes at them than ever before.

  In a word . . . it is . . . 


This podcast episode you can steer them away from money heartache.  It covers:

  • the WHY in ways you might not have considered
  • the HOW to reach your kids on this crucial lesson
  • Plus, it includes an illustration you can easily use on your kids

Podcast Summary Points:

[2:01] WHY do you NEED to teach this 

  • 3 reasons [2:55]
  • Who Owns Who? [3:55]
  • The Extra Payback.  Do Dreams Count? [4:25]      

[5:36] A Step-by-Step Teaching Method & Illustration

[7:56] Your Main Parent Play

[9:06] The Next Level - Money Planning Training Wheels


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Empty Nest Woes? Think Again.

So you waved goodbye . . .to your "just flown" child . . . and to all the parent friends you met along life's journey. 

Or did you?

Your child just left for that job, college or any number of other situations, leaving you wondering what just happened.  Today's episode is going to answer that. 

While nearly all of our episodes are centered around educating our "nearly grown" kids, this episode is dedicated to YOU... the parent/grandparent.

You want to stay in touch with them.  You want to walk by their room and not start the next tsunami, as well.  You want to resist the temptation to call them 24/7 and catch up.  It's hard to wade through this new phase you are in.  But you CAN make forge a new way to stay in touch.  


Be a trend setter and set up "stay in touch" parties, or put another way, set up a boxing party.

It's a terrific two-fer way to stay in touch with your "just flown" child, their friends, AND the parent-friends you met...

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Multiple Income Streams - The Teen Way

Are you interested in teaching your child one of the single most important financial lessons ever? 

Then, this podcast "Parenting Your "Nearly Grown" Child  JUST.  GOT.  EASIER." is for you!

Our kids, now more than ever, need to understand how to set up and protect themselves as much as they can from that unexpected pitfall that will inevitably occur.   

Most parents don't teach this concept.   So, we offer you kudo's for your willingness to tackle this topic with your almost-out-the-door child.  It's not difficult to teach when tackled in a logical fashion.  

We like to set their mental mindset for this session by using the "spinning plates" illustration.  You'll hear about that in the first minute or two of this podcast.

Also included:  

[4:10] What a "nearly grown" young adult generally thinks about income.

[4:53] 4 Income Streams "nearly grown" can consider right now.

[7:14] The Main Concept AND the Secret...

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Start An Accomplishment ToolBox Today

 You think your teen (ok, you hope) your teen has been recording all the wonderful skills and accomplishments they have earned and achieved.  On top of that, you trust your child has kept ALL the proof/documentation they will ever need.  Rest assured, they will need them - many times over.

And then . . . high school, or college, or that 1st job starts.  There are now 1000 things they need to do each day.  Of course, you are beyond busy, too.

Then it happens.  That 1st deadline.  They not only need skills and documentation for a resume or application, but the deadline looms.  And your ever-prepared "nearly grown"?  Well, not so much.  But this scenario does not have to happen.

What if your child (and not you) had prepared ahead, had all their "bragging" ready, and secondarily built up self-confidence by seeing their accomplishments?  You are in the right spot to learn how.  

By the end of...

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New Teen+ Voter? 10 Great Parent "Need To Knows" (non-partisan)

Hi Parents:

Did you watch the DNC and RNC conventions?  I did.  Pretty exciting.  

Do you have a first-time voter at your home?  Are they ready to imploy one of the greatest privileges they have? 

Yes, our teens (and of course, we parents) get so busy that we don't realize that we have to plan just a bit to get them registered and able to vote on election day.

I'll never forget helping my two kids get ready/registered and up to speed on voting.  Did you know you can't take a photo inside the voting area?  Well, at least you can't where I live.  But never fear, yes, I did get my photo - which I know (ha) they will thank me for later.  

Is your child moving (or just moved) to college?  Did they just take a job in another city? 

Then THIS podcast episode of "Parenting Your "Nearly Flown"  Just. Got. Easier" is for you.  By the way, this podcast is non-partisan and our 10 great points fit everyone.

Getting them...

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Sneak Learning Into This Election Season

Get your kids involved.  It's election season.  Set them up for learning AND to be a life-long participator in the democratic process.

Their BONUS?  Not only will they understand what voting means to them personally BUT they can have a resume builder/essay starter/attention grabbing college interview point - and so much more.  

Yes, we parents can use this season for our "nearly grown" child's educational advantage.  How?  

Stealth learning, that's how.  As our kids get older, their friends/peers become more influential and we parents, well, our reach begins that downward, organic slide.  That's not such a bad thing in the long run - - - but it sure does leave we parents scrambling to drive home those last important lessons before our kids fly off into adulthood.  

****Speaking of stealth, we have an interesting side note in election history included at the end of this podcast.  Wow, 3 huge traditions began over 180...

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