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   Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER. 

 #103  Odds are you (or someone you know) will move soon.  Heading to college or a new job?  Big money and time are involved.  Most never consider this financial angle in their decision.  By doing this one thing you might save hundreds or thousands.   

Life Decisions Often Involve Moving to a New City.  Did you consider everything?

Before you jump in a car, train, or plane for that new job or new college, you have a big decision to make.  You might have 2 cities with two very similar job offers to select from.  You might be choosing a new college city among many possibilities.  

Stats suggest over 40 million people move per year.  How could you make a more educated city choice?

What Consideration Is Often Overlooked? 

No two cities cost exactly the same to live in.  Just...

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10 Items to Cover, and How to Plan Them In

 Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER. 

#90:  Your Teen is Barreling Toward Life After Your House.  Here's 10 Items/Ways to Help Them Launch Smarter and More Prepared!

Here are 10 ideas (in 5 different critical categories) to help expand their thinking and help you sleep better at night

knowing you are finishing your parenting strong.

If you've ever thought to yourself  "they have so much more to learn" leaving you just a bit worried because you've run out of ways or topics to get them to think more as an adult, it could be because you are busy.

 It isn't because you don't care.  You think big and you want big things for your almost-out-the-door "mini you."   But what to cover and how can you pull it off?  

I suspect I am describing thoughts you've had a least some of the time and I've been there too.  I spent many a night while...

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5 Alternatives to You Being their Holiday ATM

 Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER. 
   "Does Your Teen Need Holiday Spending Money?  Here's How." 


Guess what happens during almost any holiday? 

Your Teen's Need for Cash. 

Is the answer YOU as their ATM? Learn 5 Alternatives.

Buying Gifts. Spending Money. Gas Money.   All of this and more simply skyrocket during the holidays.  Especially for our "almost grown" kids.

The Good News in all of this?  Opportunity.

You look all the time for ways to teach your "almost grown" skills - without them recognizing it.  The holidays simply help we parents with both:  money in our kids pockets AND learning life skills as well.

Today's podcast >> 5 Money Making Ideas for the Holiday Teen.  You'll learn:

  • 5 Great Money Making Ideas that can start as early as THIS weekend
  • Learn how add a "twist" to any Holiday Venture to Increase...
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The Most Frequently Asked Question by a Teen . . .

 Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER.  
      "You want $20 - AGAIN?"       

If you took a survey of parents with teens, you can almost 100% predict that the #1, most frustrating question asked by your teen is . . . . "Can I have $20"  OR $10 or $5 or $25 OR . . . well, you get the picture.

What's possibly a bad answer?  "Here's $20, honey."  Of course, there are times that giving them that money is correct. 

But many times giving them that $20 says:
  • "i will always be here to give you $"
  • OR "money is easy to come up with"
  • OR "you aren't able to figure this want/need out for yourself." 
  • OR "this $20 isn't needed elsewhere so here you go"

Saying no to your teen is hard.  But what if you had another answer?

In today's podcast:

  • learn 3 answers besides "yes, here's the money " and "no, just NO"
  • learn how each answer has...
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5 Must Knows to Teach Your Child about Contracts

 Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.  GOT.   EASIER.   

Should your "teachable moments" include an introduction to contracts?  

Absolutely.  In fact, it is highly likely you already have what it takes to make the topic creative, yet meaningful.  You've just never been shown how to use it.  

In this short podcast you will learn: 

  • 5 contract concepts every teen should hear
  • A creative method to get your child involved in learning
  • A few buzz words made easy
  • And odds are high you will learn information you need, too

This rarely taught topic isn't generally found in traditional academics with so many other things they need to cover.  But as we know, contracts are important and rule so much of our "can" and our "can't".

As your time winds down with your "nearly grown", important lessons loom larger.  This is one of them and we hope it helps you move the needle...

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2 Parent Moves To Make This Holiday Season to Ready Your "Nearly Flown" For Life

 Podcast: Parenting Your "Nearly Flown"   JUST.  GOT.  EASIER.

That "free" time your "nearly grown" will have for a few weeks is almost here.  

Maybe they have a part time job.  Maybe they will sleep late.  Maybe they will spend time with friends.  

But this gift of time is valuable.  

Allow me to introduce you to a concept that you've probably already used in raising your "mini-you".  But let's give it a title:  "Stair-Step Learning"

At the core of what we parents do?  We slowly transfer control and power, sprinkled with wisdom and education . . . to our kids.  The end result?  Hopefully a better prepared adult than we were, right?  

So, back to this "free time" they are about to have.

In this podcast we cover 2 BIG Parent moves (see above )

  • how to stair-step them toward more control of their own daily life
  • how to introduce money skills - using an easy stair-step method
  • none of...
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#2 BIGGEST $ Lesson Your "Nearly Grown" Child Must Learn

Why is it that the BIGGEST over-arching HUGE life lessons are often the HARDEST to teach our "almost grown" teens and young adults??

"Those" types of lessons seem overwhelming to parents.   But they don't have to be.

We know that DEBT is horrible.  But our kids need to learn FASTER than we did because more enticement comes at them than ever before.

  In a word . . . it is . . . 


This podcast episode you can steer them away from money heartache.  It covers:

  • the WHY in ways you might not have considered
  • the HOW to reach your kids on this crucial lesson
  • Plus, it includes an illustration you can easily use on your kids

Podcast Summary Points:

[2:01] WHY do you NEED to teach this 

  • 3 reasons [2:55]
  • Who Owns Who? [3:55]
  • The Extra Payback.  Do Dreams Count? [4:25]      

[5:36] A Step-by-Step Teaching Method & Illustration

[7:56] Your Main Parent Play

[9:06] The Next Level - Money Planning Training Wheels


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Multiple Income Streams - The Teen Way

Are you interested in teaching your child one of the single most important financial lessons ever? 

Then, this podcast "Parenting Your "Nearly Grown" Child  JUST.  GOT.  EASIER." is for you!

Our kids, now more than ever, need to understand how to set up and protect themselves as much as they can from that unexpected pitfall that will inevitably occur.   

Most parents don't teach this concept.   So, we offer you kudo's for your willingness to tackle this topic with your almost-out-the-door child.  It's not difficult to teach when tackled in a logical fashion.  

We like to set their mental mindset for this session by using the "spinning plates" illustration.  You'll hear about that in the first minute or two of this podcast.

Also included:  

[4:10] What a "nearly grown" young adult generally thinks about income.

[4:53] 4 Income Streams "nearly grown" can consider right now.

[7:14] The Main Concept AND the Secret...

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Close Encounters of the Debit Kind


Hi Parents:

Welcome to this episode of Parent-52, a weekly parent power move designed to help you help your teen burst into the adult world as prepared as they can be!  

Today's topic:  Money Management

  • What 3 things MUST they know
  • What you must ask your teen to do if using a debit card
  • What's a "purchase pickle" they mind find themselves in?
  • When should they USE and NOT use their card?

Bonus Parent Point:

  • Learn how by doing this one thing you can capture your teen's attention on the topic of money management.  

Show Links Mentioned:

  • Want to get the Parent-52 Episodes easily AND a BONUS of our 8-Step Parent Planning Guide? (FREE 8 steps with links/tips/info on crucial topics your teen needs to know).    It's 12 pages chock full of super information. 
    AND, of course, get each episode of Parent-52
    We will email you, each week, your power move for the week (as you can see, they are short and to the point.)
    Here's the link...
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Yes! Stair Step Teen Money Learning


Hi Parents:  Welcome to our Parent 52 Series.  Yes, one power parent move to help their teen per week.  (each segment 5 minutes or less!)

You don't have to constantly wonder what you can do.  NO, this isn't helicopter parenting.  It is you simply giving your teen tools that they use.  

Today's Episode:

It's a How-To!  Your teen can learn money management skills one growth step at a time.  We cover 3 stair-step moves you can easily make to get them up and running on getting their money to obey and not magaically disappear.

Show Note Links:

1) Do you want the 8-Step Parent Planning Guide? (FREE 8 steps with links/tips/info on crucial topics your teen needs to know).    It's 12 pages chock full of super information. 

AND, your BONUS?
We will email you, each week, your power move for the week (as you can see, they are short and to the point.)
Here's the link for both:  8-STEP Parent Guide   ...
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