We love meeting others on our parent journey. Come join us by:

  • having us speak/teach at your event (see below)
  • reading our parent "blog" (link at top of page)


Pam and Holly speak about a variety of topics relevant to today's parents and emerging adults.  With years of experience in the businessworld and hands-on experience teaching young adults about what faces them after graduation, you will laugh, learn and be inspired to help your young adult achieve their goals and avoid many pitfalls along the way.  Suggested topics include:  

What to Teach ‘Em and How to Reach ‘Em
Launch your young adult more prepared for life’s jungle with this 45 minute Presentation with concrete steps each parent can take NOW

Three Strategies to get their Financial Attention

- Learn 5 Essential Money Management Steps your child must execute before leaving home
- How to help them set up a system that works for them and will last a lifetime




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