The Teenage Brain (Good News!)

You know the parent-drill.  You explain something to your almost-grown child in what you think is a calm and rational manner and might you get back?  A burst of emotion.  What is going on?

We bet you occasionally have an unrecognizable young adult running around calling you Mom and/or Dad.  Right?

Today, we cover where that emotion just might really be coming from and how you can help your "mini-you" grow into a more rational and balanced human being.  Scientists (many) cite what is going on and yes, it brings us good news on this front!

Today's podcast explains this phenomenon and we give you 5 strategies to use this in your parenting skills.


[1:19] Myth busted.  Full disclosure, this one surprised me.

[2:39] What DO young adult brains have?

[3:57] Their brain vs. our brain.  (hint:  they are not the same)


[5:09] First: The expectation bar. Our kids still need to know what is expected

[5:31] Second: How to broaden their brain using this tactic

[7:04] Third: How to ask for their buy-in.

[7:41] Fourth: Why feedback is more important than you thought.

[8:18] Fifth: Consistency and planning

When we integrate learning into their every day life - especially now with schools in an off/on mode, we parents need to look for creative ways to keep their brains engaged and growing.  We know you feel the same way.

Do you want a roadmap of topics we think are critical to teach our kids in this last season with them?  It includes links and teaching tips as well.  Then, here's the link to snap it up (for free).  8-Step Parent Guide

If you have enjoyed this content and used one of our strategies, we'd love to hear from you.  Just email us.  

Enjoy time with your kids and parents, 

      You CAN Have Success in the Middle of it ALL

 Show Notes:

  • The Sweet Spot by Christine Carter
  • Secrets of the Teenage Brain by Sheryl Feinstein

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