Is Your "Nearly Grown" Child a Stock Tycoon?

Today's Podcast (click above) delivers HELP for the weary parent!

So how DO you get your teen from a slug-bug sleep till noon vacation syndrome TO thinking and learning - almost without knowing it?

That's our topic for today.  School's out and it's a HUGE opportunity for them to associate learning with FUN and how it fits in the "real world".  

When you are done, you will have 2 SUPER ideas both stealthy, yet educational.   They are great for say . . . age 8th grade thru the college ages.  

Note: they don't have to involve you as a helicopter parent but I've thrown in a twist or two that will have you WANTING to participate!


#1. Fun/Educational Move - Be a Stock Jock

[1:34].  How to pick a stock, set up fun competition among family and even friends (zoom anyone?) and declare a stock tycoon winner in the end.  No stock broker background required.  Learn how to easily set this up.     [5:00] Up the stock "game" with this sure-fire winner move.   [6:45] The impact you can make on your child is so much more than you think.


[8:10] Money.   Does your "almost grown" know how to handle it?     Are you slowly transferring control of money spent on their behalf to THEM so when they ultimately fly off, they really fly?  

If you'd like help with this, go to the Show Notes at the Bottom and get the 4 Steps and just the 30 Minutes you'll need to begin this learning curve.   It's good stuff and very, very helpful.  It's some of our best teaching.  

#2. Fun/Educational Move - Read and Feed

Have your "mini-you" meet the world, travel in time, learn about famous people, learn who's made a difference in their world, and more - all through books.

But that's not really our point here.  That's a "hook" for our kids.  But what about the parent hook?

[9:09] Why books? 3 BIG reasons and something NOT to forget.[10:43] How to get them motivated for this.  [11:47] The secret you need to look for.     [12:56] The BEST example for reading we've ever heard of.      [15:19] What's a "Read and Feed"?

Need more ideas on how to get your "almost grown" kids ready for what lies ahead?  Here's how to receive this podcast.  Each episode gives you concrete steps you can take that don't require you to be a helicopter parent BUT will expand their world with learning.  

 Have a wonderful week with your "nearly flown" kids and we will see you soon.  And parents, as we always say:

You CAN Have Success in the Middle of it ALL

Pam and the JellyGeneration Team


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