Lions, Tigers and Personal Identity Protection, Oh My!

Wow.  Fall has happened fast, hasn’t it?

Our kids are back in school which puts us in a “beginning” frame of mind.  From school supplies to new teachers, to new colleges, to a football schedule, we are all kicking things in high gear.

Let’s do the same thing for our kids safety – and kick up protection up a notch. With the new school year, even more opportunities they encounter can also put them at that lurking risk.

Here are 3 ways you can up your protection game for them. 

  1. Social Security Numbers are gold.

    Sadly, the “bad guys” know that too.  It’s time to check your child’s social security number for earnings.  Someone might have used it to seek employment – and that someone might not be your “nearly-grown” child. 

 Register it for notification.  There’s a link in the above...

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