Your teen might have a resume, but what else might help?

 Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER. 

Is a Resume Enough?  How Can My Older Teen Standout among the competition?

(Special Interview with Preston Bloskas, advisor to the Mays School of Business Board, Texas A & M University)
Your HS or College-aged child probably has the following coming soon . . . 
*interviews    *part-time job    *college apps    *organization apps  *scholarship apps
The list above could go on and on.   Perhaps they already have a resume.  
But there is one thing you can almost always count on these days:  competition.  Getting in colleges isn't a snap, and that part-time job has more applicants than SuperBowl viewership, and Ft. Knox doesn't have enough money for all those competing for scholarships your child is applying for.  
Is there anything that can help your...
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This is a professional app. What should you consider?

  Podcast:   Parenting Your "Nearly Grown"   JUST.   GOT.   EASIER. 
"Does Your Teen Need This Professional App?"

  You know about TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
But is LinkedIn an app your teen should consider?

Is there a social media app that you should as a parent take a look at?  That's what this podcast is going to help you consider - and quickly.

In reality, there are strong reasons for "NO, this isn't for my teen" and strong reasons to actually consider encouraging your teen to join LinkedIn.   

Just for starters, in this podcast you'll learn:

  • What is the age requirement to join LinkedIn?
  • What does it mean when LinkedIn is described as "professional"?
  • Why would a teenager even want to be on LinkedIn?
  • Is LinkedIn for every teen?  What about your mini-you?

Get up to speed on this important question:  is LinkedIn a good fit for my teen?  Get ahead of the...

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