Forget Black Friday. Thanksgiving is . . .


more than turkey.  More than Black Friday.  More than decorating for the Christmas Season.  And . . . its no gifts required!  Certainly, it's a way of connecting.  But we know it's so much more. 

Allow me to share in this podcast about what I am thankful for and what this day means to me.  

I wish you the very best Thanksgiving season.  Whether for you it is football, food, friends, family, or faith, may you take the time to create and soak in memories you can use all through the year.  Thank you for being a part of JellyGeneration.  Truly.  

Pam and JellyGeneration 

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Tis the Connecting Season



# 123  It's more than turkey and dressing.  It's an opportunity to reach out to those that need to hear that simple phrase - thank you.  But how and to whom? 

Here are 10 ways to connect this season both personally and professionally.  Tip:  these 10 ideas can work for any season.  

Sometimes the calendar is your friend.  Not only does this season prompt us to thank others, but it puts your recipient in the perfect mental spot to receive it. 

With all the negativity and rancor that seems to exist almost everywhere, a positive and sincere thank you can stand out as a light amidst the darkness.  Positivity can be contagious and beneficial to you and the receiver of your gratitude.  

In short, this is a perfect opportunity to reach out, connect, and solidify relationships that are important in your life.  Be it personally, or professionally, networking sincerely and authentically...

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What does your brand say about you?


# 122 We all have one.  Its our individual brand.  The challenge?  Defining the gap.  Do you know the difference between what people think vs. what you would like to have as your individual brand ?  It's important to know.

This podcast can help you narrow that gap.  

You can call it your "brand" or your "reputation".  But either way, it follows you wherever you go. 

It precedes you into a business meeting, the PTA meeting, or with friends and family.  It follows you out the door and is with you on every connection you make.  

It often speaks louder to others than your actual words.  What does your brand say about you?

Few people have spent the time to determine what their individual "brand" currently is.  We get caught up in the to-do's of life and are grateful to have simply made it thru the day.   But we leave a trail behind us that matters both professionally and...

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How successful is your compliment delivery?


#121 Everyone wants one.  Everyone offers them.  To do them well requires more than you think.  Learn 3 typical compliment-giving mistakes AND 1 sincere compliment-giving technique sure to extend its goodwill beyond the expected timeframe.

You meant well.  But what went wrong?  Delivering a well-received compliment is one of your biggest assets and a gift you give to others.  Have you spent the time to analyze what makes a compliment work, and what doesn't? 

The reality is that we usually won't get feedback on a good compliment, but we are more likely to hear about those that fall flat.  

Everyone Wants One 

Small talk.  Conveying a positive idea.  Recognizing an accomplishment.  If you were to narrow down communication methods to necessary skills, giving sincere compliments would be high on the list.

This skill should be treated with respect.  It's powerful, it's a gift,...

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Here is what I would do . . .


#120 Considering pausing your career?  1/3 of those in the workforce are.  Re-entering it can be tough.  But laying the groundwork to stay relevant can smooth the way.  

It's never been so easy . . . or so hard.  

Are you thinking of leaving or pausing your career?  Thousands, if not millions in the Gen X, Y and Z are thinking the same thing.

Is leaving a job (or self-employment) a PAUSE or is it PERMANENT?

In complete transparency, you just don't know the answer to that very crucial question.  You may feel this is only a gap, and you'll re-enter at some point.  Or you may think it is a permanent decision, and discover later that it wasn't a forever exit after all.  

What Circumstances ARE In Your Favor?  

Should you decide to re-enter at a later date, technology is on your side.  A majority feel working from home is desirable.  Online tools to...

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5 Ways to Improve Your Speaking Voice


#119 You play a very important musical instrument daily.  Your voice.  You use it for the significant and the mundane.  The more effectively you use your voice, the more people will listen.  

Why don't we pay more attention to the very thing we rely on for well . . . everything? 

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to see a Stradivarious Violin.  To be specific, it was "The Gould" violin created in 1693. (located in the Metropolitan Museum, New York City)

            The musical instruments created by the Italian family Stradivari are among the               most famous and expensive in existence world wide.



What would happen if I were to play this violin?  I'd be kicked out of the building.  I'd get voted off the island post haste.

But what if I had practiced and trained to play it?  What if...

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Your Time Clock


#117  Often easy solutions are right in front of us but we don't see it.  Meeting and connecting with others has just that, a simple opening that costs nothing yet can yield so much.  

Do you see yourself in any of the following . . .

  • You pack events and to-do's in your calendar so tightly that you feel late to every single entry?
  • You think "oh, I have a minute or two more before I have to leave" and then you are late to the event?
  • You don't remember to check traffic, start time, or allow for the unforeseen, and then you are late?

Odds are high that you've felt one of the above at one time or another.  Most of us have.  

And we think . . . 

  • I'll get it better next time.
  • I didn't miss much.

But is that true?  In reality, you'll never really know for sure, but odds are high that you did miss much more than you think.  

In this quick podcast I'll cover:

  • 3 things you are highly likely to miss if you are...
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2019 vs Now


#116  Clearly so many changes have happened since 2019-2020.  How might they affect your people skills?  Here are 3 ways to jump start them.  

"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change."  Albert Einstein

In the last few years, there is no doubt we've all had to do some changing.  Some circumstances were obvious, but some changes . . . have been hidden in plain sight.

We learned to varying degrees how to talk to others thru a computer screen or a phone, with software that put us in little boxes.  Gone were hugs, handshakes, and meaningful in-person conversations.  Would any of this come back?  At times we all probably wondered if it would.  

So here we are today and having to learn how to converse in this seemingly hybrid world.  Skills we had "before" need polishing up or quite possibly re-imagined into this new world we find ourselves in.  We need to move the...

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This 1 word switch matters


#115  Do you ever want to convey a negative concept to someone?  There is a one-word verbal switch you can make to avoid escalating bad feelings. 

Conversations can be tricky.

Conversations can be rewarding either for friendships, business, or just to expand your knowledge through others.

But occasionally frustrations arise.  You might be tempted to say something you'll regret.  Just turn on the tv/computer and from a reality shows to political shows you'll see a plethora of examples of conversations elevating into what you and I would call "a bridge too far".

Most of us want to avoid words that escalate bad feelings.   We just don't know how.  If you watch those tv shows a bit more closely, you'll see their mistakes.  

But there is 1-word you can add to your sentence that can change it's direction and still say something you feel needs to get said.



  In this...

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How To Have an Impact


#114  "Now, who was it I met yesterday?"  If you can't remember, odds are high that you didn't do this one basic move. 

Who doesn't want to remember those we meet.  

Funny thing is, we often forget that if you don't remember them, they probably don't remember you either.  

Every person you meet has the opportunity of touching your life in one way or another.  And vice-versa.  It puts the phrase "FOMO" or "fear of missing out" in an entirely new light.

There are so many important principles at play when you meet someone.  But today, we are covering two very important aspects that can level up your people contacts.  

First: What are your priorities when meeting someone?

We have to WANT and care enough to meet and remember someone.  What you don't value, generally doesn't get done.  Making the other person a priority in those encounters will go such a long way in ensuring a...

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