The Best 30-Minute Parent Investment You Can Make

30 Minutes.  Just 30 Minutes can set your "nearly grown" child on the path to lifelong money management AND guess what?  No helicopter parenting required. 

Today's Podcast was (#P16) is pure parent gold.  Click here to listen:

When you are done today, you will know exactly where to start and what to do to get them on a money planning road to success. 

Plus, with 10 minutes more per week, you can put them into their own amazing habit-accountability system. 

Parents, this involves setting up a strong foundation with the right emphasis points. It does not require mountains of time either.  Do you have 30 minutes?  Here's how to make that time count! 

In this podcast episode we cover:

[2:30] Two Big Mistakes Parents Make

[3:38] Concepts your "nearly grown" NEEDS to understand (buy-in and quick results)

[4:30] 2 Fundamentals no matter the age

[6:14] The 30 Minute Starter Plan

[6:29] Step 1:  The "Outside" Money

[6:44] Step 2: The "Inside" Money

[7:07] Step 3: The Transfer

[7:50] Step 4:  Agree to Agree (as opposed to disagree)

[8:12] The BIG Don't.  DO NOT SKIP THIS.

[9:27] Step-By-Step Plan PLUS 2 Incentive Techniques to encourage your "nearly grown" to stay engaged. 

Do you want more help executing this? Do you want a step-by-step 4- point plan spelled out?  Then this is for you.  Also included?  2 great methods to KEEP your "nearly grown" involved and motivated to grow their money skills.  Here is where to Snap It Up. 

[10:20] The Hidden Lifetime Payoff

Don't miss the opportunity to get your step by step Starter System.  It's a game changer.  You have nothing to love and so much to gain in the gift of money management for your offspring.  

It's clean, easy, and is targeted to getting basic concepts down that will encourage them and yes, incentivize them to keep this great habit going.  It's one of the best things we've ever put out for free.  

We are in a very challenging economic season.  NOW, more than EVER, our upcoming generation needs these skills.  Kudos to you for tackling this monumental topic with your kids!

Have a wonderful and productive parent-day!

And to all parents, we always want to encourage you with something we know to be true:

You CAN Have Success in the Middle of it ALL

Pam and the The JellyGeneration Team

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Pam Hardison, MBA, BBA in Finance and Business Education, has created and co-owned a national mail order catalog which at one point was the 21st fastest growing customer base in the nation.  As a mom of two college-post college daughters, Pam considers it a privilege and to meet other students and parents along the same road.   After teaching high school and college students for years, her commitment to helping them with topics most schools can't cover is the light that drives her.  

Holly Powers, Attorney-At-Law (Jameson & Powers, P.C.) has been actively practicing law since 1985 and is a shareholder with the law firm of Jameson & Powers, P.C.  The firm specializes in transactional law, health care law, and general business law.  Holly has taught students precepts concerning the legal world for over 10 years.  With 4 children, she understands what teens need to know and has a passion to help others faced with teens and aging parents.

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