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As professional working moms entering the "sandwich generation", we decided to join joyfully - our way, the JellyGeneration way.  Our quest?  Encourage others to join in changing the way we prepare our kids and ourselves as we enter our best years.  We can take charge and thrive in the middle of that "sandwich" and have a blast while doing it.  

After having taught hundreds and hearing from students/parents/adults saying "I wish I could have learned this as a teen", we decided to hit the road (so to speak) with our message using our business-world skills and help others block out life's "noise" to make the seemingly difficult topics of the financial, legal, and habit-creation world manageable, understandable, fun and easier.  Yes, you CAN have success in the middle of it ALL!  


There are several ways to catch us.  As time permits, we are open to interviews and speaking engagements.  We nearly always run a free online training on one of our core passions:  how to create habits, educate with legal information for those starting out, how to set and achieve big goals, how to talk back to our money and well, how to make all those seemingly challenging issues intertwine beautifully.  Make no mistake, these are intense topics for many, but they don't have to be.  We make learning fun and easy.  

So what's up currently?

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Sometimes we feel like those flight attendants who say "we know you have choices so thanks for flying with us". Seriously, at one point we all look in the mirror and think "am I doing my best with my kids" and "boy do I need help."  That's why JellyGeneration was born.  Formalizing our knowledge for others and committing to a continual learning cycle ourselves made sense. We went "proactive".  Perhaps you are ready to do the same thing.  So join us!  Have a great day, great week, and don't forget to look for the joy!

Pam and Holly


Pam Hardison, MBA, BBA in Finance and Business Education, has created and co-owned a national mail order catalog which at one point was the 21st fastest growing customerbase in the nation.  As a mom of two college-post college daughters, considers it a privilege and to meet other students and parents along the same road.   After teaching high school and college students for years, her commitment to helping them with topics most schools can't cover is the light that drives her.  

Holly Powers, Attorney-At-Law (Jameson & Powers, P.C.) has been actively practicing law since 1985 and is a shareholder with the law firm of Jameson & Powers, P.C.  The firm specializes in transactional law, health care law, and general business law.  Holly has taught students precepts concerning the legal world for over 10 years.  With 4 children, she understands what teens need to know and has a passion to help others faced with teens and aging parents.  


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