#2 BIGGEST $ Lesson Your "Nearly Grown" Child Must Learn

Why is it that the BIGGEST over-arching HUGE life lessons are often the HARDEST to teach our "almost grown" teens and young adults??

"Those" types of lessons seem overwhelming to parents.   But they don't have to be.

We know that DEBT is horrible.  But our kids need to learn FASTER than we did because more enticement comes at them than ever before.

  In a word . . . it is . . . 


This podcast episode you can steer them away from money heartache.  It covers:

  • the WHY in ways you might not have considered
  • the HOW to reach your kids on this crucial lesson
  • Plus, it includes an illustration you can easily use on your kids

Podcast Summary Points:

[2:01] WHY do you NEED to teach this 

  • 3 reasons [2:55]
  • Who Owns Who? [3:55]
  • The Extra Payback.  Do Dreams Count? [4:25]      

[5:36] A Step-by-Step Teaching Method & Illustration

[7:56] Your Main Parent Play

[9:06] The Next Level - Money Planning Training Wheels

We suspect you will be able to work in this illustration/lesson within the next few days quite easily.  Just planting the seeds now will grow their debt knowledge and build a longer-term payoff.  

Thanks for listening . . . and parents. . . 

You CAN Have Success in the Middle of it ALL

Show Notes:

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