Sneak Learning Into This Election Season

Get your kids involved.  It's election season.  Set them up for learning AND to be a life-long participator in the democratic process.

Their BONUS?  Not only will they understand what voting means to them personally BUT they can have a resume builder/essay starter/attention grabbing college interview point - and so much more.  

Yes, we parents can use this season for our "nearly grown" child's educational advantage.  How?  

Stealth learning, that's how.  As our kids get older, their friends/peers become more influential and we parents, well, our reach begins that downward, organic slide.  That's not such a bad thing in the long run - - - but it sure does leave we parents scrambling to drive home those last important lessons before our kids fly off into adulthood.  

****Speaking of stealth, we have an interesting side note in election history included at the end of this podcast.  Wow, 3 huge traditions began over 180 years ago and still dominate our political conversation today.  Hang around till the end of the podcast to find out.  

But on to today's podcast:

Today we are covering 2 huge educational "wins" we parents can have with our kids in this election season.

[2:22] The "Inside" Straight

It's happening everywhere, not only nationally, but at your kids school.  Your kids can get involved in their own election season in these creative ways.  BONUS:  it's a sure stand out on resumes, essays and more.

[6:09] The "Outside" Play - 6 Ways to Start

While your "mini-you" might not be old enough yet to vote in national and state elections, you CAN bring those HUGE learning lessons right into your home all wrapped up in FUN.   Here are 6 ways to get you started.  And what happens when polls close on election night?  More than you think - at your house anyway.

[9:43] Our JellyGeneration Favor . . . and a head's up about next week's podcast.

[10:15] Tippecanoe and . . . .      Don't skip this section.  Fun educational presidential trivia in this closer.

If you'd like a deeper dive on what to teach your kids before they've flown the parent-coop, then head to and snap up your free 12-page parent guide to 8 crucial topics you will want to cover with your child.  It includes links/tips on how to get started on each topic.  It's worth your time to take a look.  

Have a great week and yes,

You CAN Have Success in the Middle of it ALL

The JellyGeneration Team/Pam

Here's the link to that 8-Step Parent Guide (12 pages full of parent teaching nuggets and it's free):


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