Empty Nest Woes? Think Again.

So you waved goodbye . . .to your "just flown" child . . . and to all the parent friends you met along life's journey. 

Or did you?

Your child just left for that job, college or any number of other situations, leaving you wondering what just happened.  Today's episode is going to answer that. 

While nearly all of our episodes are centered around educating our "nearly grown" kids, this episode is dedicated to YOU... the parent/grandparent.

You want to stay in touch with them.  You want to walk by their room and not start the next tsunami, as well.  You want to resist the temptation to call them 24/7 and catch up.  It's hard to wade through this new phase you are in.  But you CAN make forge a new way to stay in touch.  


Be a trend setter and set up "stay in touch" parties, or put another way, set up a boxing party.

It's a terrific two-fer way to stay in touch with your "just flown" child, their friends, AND the parent-friends you met along life's 12+ yr way.  This podcast walks you through exactly how to do this.

Today's podcast of "Parenting Your "Nearly Grown" Child    JUST.  GOT.  EASIER.
[1:33] Overview
[2:31] Adapt to today's social distancing environment, depending upon where you live.
[3:16] The Stay In Touch Plan
[4:07] The AMAZING Results seemingly everyone gets!
It's easy, fun, and more. 
Do you want a checklist? 
  • includes step-by-step do's and don't
  • what each attendee should bring (specifically)
  • gift guide
  • PLUS tips on what to avoid

Click Here for Stay-In-Touch Checklist Download 

 We hope you enjoy this new season you have with your child.  We are/did.  

You CAN Have Success in the Middle of it ALL

The JellyGeneration Team/Pam


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