Yes! Stair Step Teen Money Learning


Hi Parents:  Welcome to our Parent 52 Series.  Yes, one power parent move to help their teen per week.  (each segment 5 minutes or less!)

You don't have to constantly wonder what you can do.  NO, this isn't helicopter parenting.  It is you simply giving your teen tools that they use.  

Today's Episode:

It's a How-To!  Your teen can learn money management skills one growth step at a time.  We cover 3 stair-step moves you can easily make to get them up and running on getting their money to obey and not magaically disappear.

Show Note Links:

1) Do you want the 8-Step Parent Planning Guide? (FREE 8 steps with links/tips/info on crucial topics your teen needs to know).    It's 12 pages chock full of super information. 

AND, your BONUS?
We will email you, each week, your power move for the week (as you can see, they are short and to the point.)
Here's the link for both:  8-STEP Parent Guide     It's a game changer.

2) Intro to Financial SetUp, Episode P1:

3) Intro to 1x Per Week Meeting with Teen (GREAT HABIT)- Episode: 

Have a fabulous upcoming week.  We will see you next time for the next episode in our Parent-52 Series! 
And as we say . . . 
You CAN Have Success in the Middle of it ALL

The JellyGeneration Team



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