Life Can Be Messy

For those that know us, you've seen our passion and commitment to habit creation.   When we teach our course, we are usually concentrate on how to take habits to advanced levels.  Actually, that does a disservice to the entire system.  Allow us for a minute to discuss habits on a level that fits nearly everyone - clutter.  Are you about to send you child off into the world?  Then send them with the gift of declutter habits.  

As families, we are all busy.  All the time.  Clutter creep happens to us and our kids.  Take an honest look at your house, your desk, or your drawers.  For those that have taken our "Hacking Your Habits" coaching series, you know that we LOVE teaching our habit creation system, and reducing your dependence on willpower to do the trick.   But when it comes to what exciting new habits to create,  we continue to emphasize that it can be so much MORE than just habits in managing your money, debt, credit, achieving long and short-term goals and so forth.  You can create habits that truly free up your world - from your "man cave" to your "diva dressing room."  

Be Practical
So as you practice creating your new habit world, we give a big nod to the practical, the every day, the overlooked.  Take a quick glance at these two articles for inspiration on habits you can create that will continue to give back to you every day:

    "9 Habits of People Who Always Have a Clean Home" - Southern Living
      It is probably time for me to confess that I need to add #7 in this article to my habit creation.  Food expiration dates can get the better of me.   At any rate, here's the link for some great habit ideas: Southern Living Clean House Habits

     "The 9 Habits of People who Never Have to Clean Their Home" - House Beautiful
My favorite habit idea here is #4 because it has all the characteristics of being rather easy to set up as a habit system, not the least of which is that it can happen every day at the same time.  I also admit, I love the title of this article...."never have to clean."   Sounds good to us, right?  Here's the link: House Beautiful's Tidy Home Habits

No More Excuses
For those thinking "what habits could I possibly create?"  Look no further than the above for ideas.  We still strongly encourage setting up habits for bossing your money around, and creating habit strings that get you to that long-term goal you've always wanted.  But, as illustrated above, habits can serve us in so many other ways.  You just need to learn how and begin!

Have a great week.  Remember . . .

You CAN Have Success in the Middle of it ALL!

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