Your Teen Needs "Bragging" Documentation in High School & Beyond

Do They Have It Ready? 

or are YOU looking for information at MIDNIGHT for TOMORROW


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Get organized and have documents ready on-time or even early.

Start a workable filing system.  Never forget/lose  "bragging" docs again. 

Uncover accomplishments beyond the obvious. 

Creatively document achievements to help them stand out in a crowd.

Get a downloadable guide & step-by-step video training. Re-watch at any time.  

Easy strategies for teen buy-in to maintain documenting.

Each day you wait this gets harder. Let's fix this now - together.

A Note from Pam...

True confession here.  At midnight my teen and I began searching for critical documentation needed for a critical application due the next day - at 8 am.  They had forgotten it was due.  Sound familiar?  What else could we have included for her "bragging" needs that had been  forgotten? 

As a parent myself and teacher of "almost grown" students, I vowed to never again let that happen.  You have here the results of that day.  This has helped others - and can help you, too.