We love meeting others on our parent journey.  There are several ways to join us:  

  • participate in our complimentary training (see below)  
  • have us come speak at your event (see below)
  • read our "Ten Minute Parent" Blog (Link at Top of Home Page).         

    Speaking: Get “Good To Go!”

Pam and Holly speak about a variety of topics relevant to today's parents and emerging adults.  With years of experience in the businessworld and hands-on experience teaching young adults about what faces them after graduation, you will laugh, learn and be inspired to help your young adult achieve their goals and avoid many pitfalls along the way.  

Topics include:

What to Teach ‘Em and How to Reach ‘Em

Launch your young adult more prepared for life’s jungle with this 60 minute Presentation with concrete steps each parent can take NOW

  • Three Strategies to get their financial attention
  • Learn 5 Essential Money Management Steps your child must execute before leaving home
  • How to help them set up a system that works for them and will last a lifetime

Hire Yourself! How you can earn part-time $ and save for that car, education, and more.

Need extra money as you go to high school and college? Say no more. This 60-minute presentation will get you started

  • How to find your entrepreneurial product/service that pays well and helps build your resume at the same time
  • How to find customers and keep them happy
  • How to create a simple business plan
  • Learn 3 things you should never do

Contact Pam at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with dates, and event details. Topics can be tailored to your specific event upon request.


Ticket to Freedom's

"Hacking Your Habits"

Free Coaching Series (for ages 16-99)

"I've always wanted the habit of . . . . ?"  "What is stopping me?"  "Am I lacking willpower?" 

Pam and Holly hear this all the time.  They are here to prove to you that you can create personal habit patterns of your choosing.  Take this complimentary 3-part coaching series to get moving in the habit direction of your choosing.  You'll be surprised at the 3 basic elements involved.  

Learn more by clicking here:   3 Part Complimentary Coaching Series