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Sadly, life isn't like monopoly where the person that gets Boardwalk and Park Place usually win.  The bigger truth today is that we often don't realize the importance of having checked our credit reports at the most crucial times needed.  We are inundated today with "check it once a year".  That's true, of course, but what is even more pressing is when we encounter these major milestones in our lives and don't check our credit reports first.  

I won't beat around the bush.  This applies to all of us.  It especially applies to our young adults.  So whether you are the young adult or the parent, avoid heartache and CHECK YOUR CREDIT REPORT.  

WHY check your credit report?

  • potential employers can look at your credit report (not the score, but the report)
  • home buyers will have their credit checked
  • car buyers can have their credit checked
  • student loan institutions will also check your credit history  
  • any time you are borrowing money, odds are high your credit will be checked

WHEN should you check your reports?

  • at least 6 months prior to the transaction to allow you to improve your report
  • BUT, we advocate checking your main scores on an annual basis
  • if you think you have possible identity theft
  • if you think a possible mistake from a reporting company has occurred or might occur

WHERE can you check these for FREE?   Hat Tip:  Kiplinger
The link provided here Best Places to Check Your Credit For Free walks you thru some great options that won't break your bank!  Many have services with "pings" they can send you by email to notify you of suspicious activity.  

Is there someone in your life that needs to create this habit?  Nothing hurts worse than seeing someone have their heart set on that starter home or that new job and seeing it fall thru.  THIS fiasco is preventable!  

Our belief:  

You CAN Have Success in the Middle of it ALL!

Have a great week.

Pam Hardison, JellyGeneration

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