Still waiting on "that" college to accept your teen? Here's a Plan B to deploy

The "accepted" phone call didn't happen.  The email didn't come. 
The "acceptance" letter didn't come.  The website portal didn't update.
Other seniors were getting acceptances.  
But at our house? 
Well, time marched our house.
This scenario plays out - everywhere.  It played out at our house.  We've seen it play out at many a student's house.  What do you do as you impatiently wait?

 Consider a Plan B Idea

Each school and situation is different, of course.  Consider these ideas.  

Point A:  It Isn't Over.

If your teen is still waiting to hear, then the positive is that they are still waiting to hear. It isn't a NO, it's a not yet.  That's the good news.  Every school operates differently, and uses different parameters on how many offers to extend.  Just remember, your teen is in the "not yet" category until you hear differently.

Point B: Send another Recommendation Letter with Updates

The best "next" letter to send is one that applies to some new skill or award or point of view that didn't exist at the time of your initial application.  It can then be approached as an "update".  Are grades improving?  Is there an upswing in a skill?  Then letting your potential school know will remind them that your teen is still anxiously awaiting that yes.  Critical point:  your teen should be the one to write the letter.  He/she can also call to confirm that this update letter was received.    Need ideas on how to get good recommendation letters?  You might want to read the article we wrote recently on this very subject: get good recommendations.

Point C: Reach out to other students/parents of this college

How many times have you learned something of value when meeting other parents at events, from school nite parent meetings to parent/teacher lunches.  The same is here.  Odds are very high that someone within your network will have experienced this same waiting game at this college in the past.  What did THEY do?  Parent power reigns.
Point D: Send another Recommendation Letter with Academic Details Not Mentioned Earlier Presented Uniquely
Did your child excel at debate or read what seemed like 1000 books, some required by school but others read just because your teen explored that topic?  One innovative teen made a spreadsheet of all the books they read in high school and tied it to all the debates they participated in about those very books and then tied it to book reports written.  The admissions office noticed, and commented on the uniqueness of it.  Often it is the details your teen presents in a new and unique way that can help.  
Point E:  The Phone Call   
Encourage your teen (not you) to call the admissions office and reach out to the person  or team in charge of your teen's high school or area.  Any school worth their salt will call your teen back if they aren't available at the time of the call.  Your teen needs to be mentally prepared for this call with what they want to accomplish with the conversation.  Go back for a minute and re-read Point A.  Your teen has not been told NO, and should remain positive in both voice and conversation.  Your teen should continue to express enthusiasm about the school, a new point about their application you'd like to forward to their email with permission, and what can they do to improve the chances of being accepted.  Your teen doesn't need to make excuses about anything on their application.  Every applicant wishes for the perfect SAT score they don't have.  
These are 5 great ideas to get your teen started.   This last season with your teen is filled with so much to celebrate and so many "wins" to watch your teen learn and experience. After this particular phase of "waiting" is over, you can rest assured that your teen will feel "if I can survive this, I can survive anything."  
What else can you do in this last season?  Here are 8 moves we suggest.

Have a great week.   And as we say ...

You CAN Have Success in the Middle of it ALL !

Pam and Holly
JellyGeneration Team 
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