Think Small

It’s January (and beyond) and the world around us has already lined up to tell us that those New Year’s resolutions we made generally will fail.   Just today I read articles with these titles: 

“Why do New Year’s Resolutions Fail?”
“Why 80% of New Year’s Resolutions Fail”
“New Year’s Resolutions are Bound to Fail by February”
“Why People Can’t Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions”

50% or More of Our Daily Lives Center around Habits

Why do we run from “habits” and  “resolutions”?  In truth, they are intertwined.  Few people discuss how habits form the basis for resolutions and goals.  In fact, extending the length of habits and even stringing habits together can achieve far more than most think possible. 

Most fear “habits”.  They shouldn’t.  Here’s why. . .

START small

Don’t make your goal or resolution or habit overwhelming.  Start small.
Want to start an exercise routine?  Start small.  VERY small.  
Are you wanting to find joy in your day?  Start small.  (habits can be emotional ones too)
Want to be more thankful each day?  Start small.
Want to read a book per week?  Start small.
Want to eat healthier each day?  Start small.

Why START small ?

If something is overwhelming, you will avoid it.  If you make a task so easy that you feel silly not doing it, you are on the right track.   Small?  We mean really small. 

For example, let’s say you want to reorganize your kitchen but looking at that task globally sends you into a panic.  Start small.  Do one drawer per day.  If that seems daunting, then cut the habit down further and clean out the front part of one drawer.  Does the goal of a "drawer" seem too stressful?  Then set a timer.  Start with 1 minute cleaning it.  Seriously, who can't clean a drawer for just one minute?  Do you want to save more money?  Then find a category that needs reducing and . . . start small.  Do you spend too much on eating out?  Then begin reducing that category by $10 per week.  Does that seem too hard?  Then reduce it by $5 per week.

The type of goals people set vary greatly. Here’s an article that discusses what people typically aim for each year. You will probably find yourself somewhere in these categories: (Hat Tip: YouGov.Com)

Typical New Year’s Resolutions

The Bottom Line In Habits?

Make the habit so easy, so small and so doable, that you can do it painlessly. Worry about building on it when you’ve accomplished that small start first.

As JellyGeneration says:   

You CAN Have Success in the Middle of it ALL

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