Do those last remaining lessons for your nearly-grown offspring feel like . . .


HELP!  Many a parent of a nearly-grown child feels there is still so much more to teach them, but need a creative idea on how to tackle it all.  

We've been there with our kids.  Despite our passion for helping parents and kids this age, we hit the wall (so to speak) on  how to get their attention to listen to those last critical lessons.  They didn't always want to listen to us.  

That's when we realized that we, or more specifically our kids, had/have a SECRET WEAPON to use.  Your kids (and you) have it too but odds are you haven't recognized it for what it is.  

But before we get to this SECRET WEAPON, if you didn't get a chance to view/read a prior session we taught that relates to this where we covered how to build confidence in our kids, and why our kids have such a challenge with this at their age, and what is the first move you can make to start that confidence ball rolling, Start with THIS to build confidence

Now about that SECRET WEAPON

Have you ever been approached by a 16-24 yr old with questions about your career, how you overcame something or perhaps a unique experience you've had?  Odds are you have.  How do I know?  Because you care about this up and coming generation because it's your own offspring, or you work with kids, or somehow come in contact with them.  They are our future and you have a heart for it.  Odds are you wouldn't watch or read this unless you did.  We honor you for that.  Each time we meet someone that feels this way, we know that the future is just a bit brighter for our own kids and yours, too.  You want to pay it forward.

Reverse this Process

Well, if you are willing to help this 16-24 age bracket, this means that THIS is the PERFECT AGE for them to reach out to other adults.  See the "reverse" here?  You are in the right frame of mind to help with knowledge and encouragement because of their age.  As our 16-24 yr olds get a bit older, generally we adults think that by now they know what they need to know and we are slightly less inclined to help.  

There is a "window of opportunity" that our 16-24's need to grab hold of!  

What do they get when they reach out to other respected adults?

  • They can Safely Ask Questions:  
    • They can ask questions without peer pressure, fear of failure and feeling "stupid".  
    • Example:  Does your child love to write?  Do they want to work on the yearbook staff or want to write a book?  How awesome if they were to reach out to a writer and gain insights from someone whose living that dream.  

Confidence, at it's core, is knowing you can make it through because you can and will learn your way through it.  

  • They learn what they don't know from someone they are willing to listen to.

Knowledge chases away lack of self-confidence.  

  •  They get practice asking questions in as close to the "real world" as they can currently get.
  • As a bonus side note:  parents can chase away their lack of self-confidence, too with  these 8 moves.

How To Find Good Influencers For Your Child

First, it needs to be your nearly-flown child that reaches out to another adult.  Of course, you want to make sure that this adult is trust-worthy and a good role model for them.  

  • Consider your world.  Who do you come in contact with each day?  The manager of a store, the neighbor across the street, a person you've done business with are all in your world and worth considering.
  • Consider your child's world.  Teachers, coaches, parents of their friends, church contacts are all a great resource.  
  • The Outside World.  Is there a business person or someone you haven't met but they exemplify the lesson your child wants/needs to learn?  You can still have them reach out but again, think safety first.  

How Can Your Child Approach Them?

  • One-on-One
    • "I have always admired your talent for _____.  I want to be better at this myself.  Do you have a few minutes to spare for me to visit your office for me to discuss it? If you can't, do you have someone you could recommend?" 
  • Parent Swap
    • Do you have an amazing friend that has a child around the age of your child?  Would you both be willing to mentor the other's child?  Maybe 1x per month or per quarter?  Just be sure to set the ground rules on topics, time and so forth.  
  • Group Talk
    • Put together a compatible parent/child group.  Pick a topic or book that you all come prepared to talk about.  How amazing would it be for your child to interact in an adult way with their peers and their parents?  
    • We did this particular version at our house.  It worked beautifully.

Don't Forget

At the core of this SECRET WEAPON is to help your child practice the knowledge that they can "learn their way thru it, out of it, or over it."  Learning comes from so many different directions than just books and traditional school.  Teaching and helping your child recognize that reaching out works is priceless.  


Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, there is a shelf-life on this secret weapon.   Adults are more receptive to teens and young adults than when they are older.  Snap up this opportunity.  


Go Proactive.  Make helping then "reach out" an actual target.  With all the negative our kids have to over come (social media, peer pressure, act/sat and more) any gift of how to find a new learning stream will pay it forward for them for a lifetime.  Plus, they will be more willing to help others when their time comes.  Confidence is a journey.  

  • Sit today and make a list of people in your (or your child's life) that can be a resource of knowledge for them
  • Then, set a goal this week of encouraging them to reach out to one of them THIS week.  (note, if you are concerned that this adult might be time-challenged, then you can pre-contact them to find out).  But let your child's contact be the one that starts the official ball rolling.

To some, this proposal might seem simple.  Great!  We've done our job right in explaining it.  BUT if it seems so simple that it encourages you to just read this and think "yeah, I know about this already" and you don't make your moves now, the results of never getting around to it? . . . 


When anything isn't sought with intention, it is then left up to whatever happens. Randomness.  This haphazard approach yields lower results almost every time.  When we mentally stake out a goal with intention, you know when you've improved and you will feel that internal feeling of satisfaction at having begun your learning/skill journey.  

So, take today's challenge and go proactive!

Have a GREAT week and 

YES, You CAN Have Success in the Middle of it ALL

Pam and Holly

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