3 Success Rules to Teach Your Kids

MYTH:  High School and College are all it takes to be a success. (We wish!)

FACT:  They need to learn these 3 “You, Inc.” rules that might not show up on the school academic course list.

As parents, we know from the day our little cherubs are born that they are our #1 gift and that we are investing in them.  From soccer on Saturday at seemingly 4am games, to that parent school night every Fall and Spring, you love, live, and survive thru each stage of their growth.  We taught them to not touch that hot stove, quit running with scissors, and of course the obvious. . . quit arguing with their siblings!  You tried to teach them thank you and please, and to write thank you notes. 

So what’s missing? 

Those intangibles.  The ability to communicate and represent themselves to others.  Consider these stats:

  • 44% of college graduates are in jobs that don’t require a college degree.
  • Only 28% of employers think new college grads are prepared in communication, vs. 62% of grads that think they are (Washington Post)
  • Study reported by the Washington Post:  40% of college grads graduate with great skills in critical thinking, communication and analytical reasoning. (Washington Post)

As you finish reading, consider this:

  • Statistics really don’t matter, do they, when it is about your own nearly-grown, does it. You want them to be the best they can be before they fly.
  • As you finish reading this article, try thinking of the mental image of your child with this meme: “Suzy Inc.” or “John, Inc.”. In other words, put their name and the word “Inc.” by it.
  • We are not, by the way, trashing traditional college. We are big advocates, in fact, for most high school grads. 

The Framework of “You, Inc.”

1st:  They need to let others know them and their capabilities.
This one step goes far beyond their employer.  They need to think broadly about how to get the message about their expertise. Is it a blog, is it heading to conferences, or networking in today’s social media? These skills will help them in their job search or their entrepreneurial endeavors. Any and all of the above can be started far earlier than a year before they graduate high school or college.

2nd:  They need to invest in the lives of others.
If there is one trait that today’s nearly grown generation does well, it is work with philanthropies and donate their time.  But do they realize that meeting new people is a gift to cultivate.  When they meet and remember others by way of “networking”, they often have a chance to help those new acquaintances in some small way achieve or overcome challenges.  These small kindnesses shouldn’t expect to be repaid, but often good deeds to boomerang back.

3rd:  They need to practice communication skills proactively for years to come.
Being articulate doesn’t come easily to most of us.  It is so easy these days to use our smart phones to record ourselves and play it back.  Do you remember the first time you heard yourself on a tape recorder, or watched that home video in shock at what you sounded like?  What better way for us to learn to get better than to view ourselves as others see us.  Things to watch and listen for?  Tone intonation, extraneous words, facial expression, and body language can get you started on major improvement. 

Save Time With This Parent Guide:

We've compiled an 12-page Parent Success Guide that covers 8 important topics you will want to cover AND helpful guidance on where to start on each.  Parents have asked us for this and we've finally compiled it.  It answers many of the questions parents of our students ask AND it uses their input to make this guide even more useful.  It's free, and immediately actionable: 8-Step Parent Action Plan

As your mini-you nears the point of flying your coop, the above framework will help them scale higher heights and beat those statistical odds mentioned above.  It’s a mindset.  When they (and us) learn to brand ourselves, we give ourselves the value and worthiness we were born with. 

Stay tuned for our posts on how to get our young adult’s attention, and  how to sharpen those networking skills.  If this is your weakness or your child’s weakness, stay tuned.  Enjoy those last days/months/ of time you have with your child.  They are so special.  Take heart.  Your investment in them is worth it.  They are the future!

And as we firmly believe . . .

You CAN Have Success in the Middle of it ALL

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