Summer ! 20 Ways to Keep Their Brain Active Wrapped In FUN

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# 101 It's SUMMER (or any holiday, really).  Statistics say their brain loses knowledge during long breaks.  What does the smart parent do?  Combine learning with FUN. 

Here are 20 activities that can get you started.  You are sure to find quite a few you, and more importantly, your "almost grown child" will love. 

The summer dilemma.  The any long holiday dilemma. Call it holiday slump.  

As a parent, you are probably not "off" for the holidays, but your "mini-you" is.  What might they rather do?  Couch surf or stare at their smart phone for hours on end.  

Then what usually happens? 

Knowledge reduction, less critical thinking, and sluggishness sets in.  You've probably noticed this.  I certainly have.  Experts estimate that often months of capability melt away.

Then September rolls around or the holidays end...
Your child has to rev back up and plow old educational and critical thinking ground to get back to where they were before.    

What a summer (or holiday) opportunity we parents of teens have:

You want to have a summer just like they do.  Fun family moments and memories can happen.  Keeping their mind active while enjoying summer is just a creative thought away.  

Click Here >>> In this podcast you'll find:

[1:36] Is this your child?  
[3:47] 10 great ideas for both you and your teen to explore
[7:18] 10 great ideas that your teen/college-aged will love

This last season or two you have with your child can be so much more than you thought possible.  You don't have to be a hovering parent or a big spending parent.  Special memorable moments often happen when you least expect it.  Let the 20 ideas above spark laughter, sharing, and  

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