75 diversetime-flexible money making choices to fit their personality & schedule

easy ways they can start with minimal (or nothing) from the "Bank of Mom". 

the 3-Step KickStarter Plan for a faster and more successful start.  

25 marketing ideas to boost their confidence and help find those first customers.

how to get them started simply and keep your parent role as oversite.

how to have a happier, more self-confident teen earning their cash and spending less of yours.

A Note from Pam...

"Mom, can I have $20?"  "Can I have those designer jeans?"  Do you get those types of questions from your teen?  I did.  How could I help them begin to learn: 

*the value of a dollar   *more self-confidence  *how to interact and network with others  and more.

That's what this free "100 Money & Marketing Ideas For The Busy Teen" is all about - a downloadable guide, and a step-by-step re-watchable video training. 

As a parent & teacher myself, I vowed to put knowledge in the hands of busy parents and teens to help  prepare them for life after well . . . we parents.  If you'd like to help your teen "earn and learn", this guide can do just that.